Braviary [QC: 0/2]

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* One of the few viable Tailwind setters in the format
* Defiant is a great ability for combating the ever present Intimidate
* High Attack, decent bulk and Speed
* Flying-type valuable for team synergy

name: Tailwind Setter
move 1: Brave Bird
move 2: Super Power / Frustration
move 3: Tailwind
move 4: Protect
item: Focus Sash / Flyinium Z / Adrenaline Orb
ability: Defiant
nature: Adamant
evs: 12 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 12 SpD / 228 Spe


* Brave Bird is its hardest hitting STAB move, with a high 120 base power
* Superpower hits Steel and Rock-type Pokemon that resist Flying
* Frustration is a secondary STAB option for hitting things like Tapu Koko and avoiding recoil, but doesn't have great coverage alongside Brave Bird
* Tailwind is a great speed control option, doubling your team's Speed for three turns
* Protect is incredibly useful in doubles to shield from damage for a turn when needed

Set Details

* Thanks to its ability Defiant, Braviary can deter Intimidate users to help out its physical attacking partners, or it can just receive a nice +1 boost to Attack.
* Brave Bird with Focus Sash may seem counterintuitive, but this set aims to set up Tailwind with as much ease as possible, and Brave Bird is an essential attacking move
* Flyinium Z is an option that lets Braviary unleash a base 285 power attack (including STAB), doing massive damage to anything that doesn’t resist
* Adrenaline Orb punishes Intimidate users even more and can set Braviary up to sweep, but too often it won’t be activated
* The speed EVs are meant to outspeed Timid Pelipper, Alolan-Sandslash outside of hail (or in Tailwind), and most Tapu Fini and Tapu Bulu
* The extra special defense EVs are meant to give Porygon2 the Attack boost from Download, but more or less EVs may be required depending on Braviary’s partner

Usage Tips

* Braviary is usually a good lead for setting up a first turn Tailwind, but be careful if they have multiple Pokemon that can outspeed and threaten it
* If your opponent has an Intimidate user, Braviary can be a good pick to punish them for bringing it
* Braviary is usually best used on offensive teams whose goal is to outspeed and sweep

Team Options

* Teams with multiple physical attackers can get the most use out of Braviary’s ability Defiant
* Ground-type Pokemon such as Garchomp and Krookodile can take advantage of Braviary’s Flying type to use Earthquake, as well as deal with the Electric and Rock-type Pokemon that threaten Braviary
* Hard hitting Pokemon with middle-of-the-road speed can be great under Tailwind, such as Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, Life Orb Arcanine, or Choice Specs Tapu Fini
* Fake Out users can help ensure that Tailwind goes up. Togedemaru can do this as well as support Braviary with its ability Lightning Rod

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Brave Bird
move 2: Frustration
move 3: Superpower
move 4: Rock Slide
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Defiant
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 60 SpD / 188 Spe


* Brave Bird is its primary STAB move, sporting a high 120 base power
* Frustration its secondary STAB option, which doesn’t have recoil and hits Electric types
* Superpower is a hard hitting coverage move for Rock or Steel-type Pokemon
* Rock Slide provides spread damage and has a 30% flinch chance

Set Details

* Choice Scarf and 188 Speed EVs allows Braviary to hit 204 Speed, outspeeding things like Pheromosa and Tapu Koko
* Thanks to Choice Scarf, if Defiant is activated you are almost guaranteed to get off a big attack
* The Special Defense EVs ensure that Braviary lives Modest Tapu Lele Psychic 100% of the time
* Max Speed can be run to outspeed Choice Scarf Vanilluxe

Usage Tips

* This set hits hard and fast, but with recoil and relative frailty, don’t expect Braviary to be sticking around long
* This Braviary can be used up front as a lead to immediately deter Intimidate, or be used to clean up late game
* This set is incredibly weak against Trick Room, so be wary of that

Team Options

* This set is better suited for offensive teams, as Braviary doesn’t have a lot of switch-in potential
* Other fast attackers such as Pheromosa or Tapu Koko can be paired with it to try and pick up quick knockouts before receiving damage
* Physical attackers benefit the most from Braviary’s Defiant ability, so consider running Braviary if you have a weakness to Intimidate

Other Options

* A bulkier set with less Speed/Attack could work if you don't want to run Focus Sash
* Rock Slide can be used on the Tailwind Setter Braviary for decent spread damage and the 30% flinch chance
* Whirlwind can be used to phaze Trick Room settters, which are a big threat to your Tailwind mode
* You can forgo Protect and use 3 Attacks+Tailwind if you like to live dangerously, or just want more coverage
* Lum Berry can be good against Arcanine’s Will-O-Wisp as well as Lilligant’s Sleep Powder, but doesn’t have much use outside of that
* U-Turn can give you some neat switch options, and also do a bit of chip damage when switching out
* Giga Impact has a 75% chance to OHKO Tapu Koko, so it might be a viable late game option on the Choice Scarf set
* Facade can be used over Frustration if you wish to switch into Will-O-Wisp or Scald safely, but with only 70% base power it isn’t that powerful if you remain free of Status

Checks and Counters

**Tapu Koko**: Tapu Koko can outspeed and OHKO Braviary, and while Focus Sash helps, if Tapu Koko has another fast partner they can double target the Braviary and knock it out before it can get a move off.

**Trick Room**: Braviary loses to Gigalith, Araquanid, Porygon2, Mudsdale, and more when Trick Room is set up. Trick Room also counteracts Braviary’s Tailwind. Whirlwind is a risky way to deal with Trick Room, because it forces Braviary to move last and therefore be susceptible to attacks.

**Porygon2**: Porygon2 can tank any hit from Braviary and either set up Trick Room or fire back with an Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.

**Celesteela**: Celesteela can sponge hits and recover most of it back with a Leech Seed, or just hit Braviary with a Heavy Slam.

**Choice Scarf Vanilluxe**: Vanilluxe can OHKO Braviary with Blizzard, and Braviary’s Focus Sash can be broken from the Hail damage. If Braviary is Choice Scarfed, it has to be 252+ Speed to outspeed Vanilluxe, and can OHKO Vanilluxe with Superpower.

**Ninetales**: Similar to Vanilluxe, Ninetales can take Braviary down to Focus Sash with its Blizzard, and the Hail will finish it off.

**Rain Offense**: Golduck can outspeed and threaten Braviary with Hydro Vortex/Scald/Hydro Pump, and Pelipper can match Tailwinds.
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Ï think that Ninetales should be mentioned alongside Vanilluxe, as it can similarly bring it down to Sash, which means that Braviary will get killed. Unless Ninetales has Scarf aswell, Scarf Braviary will outspeed Ninetales but Ninetales most likely has Sash so it will get Blizzard off, anyway.
  • "Flying-type..." - State specifcally that this is because Ground-type attackers such as Garchomp are common.
  • "High Attack..." - This bullet point is useless. What do each of these stats help Braviary accomplish individually?
    • For example, the combination of its reasonable bulk and Speed contribute to it being a good Tailwind setter.
  • Note that it's threatened by pretty much every common archetype (Rain, Hail, Sun, Sand, Trick Room etc...)
Set 1
  • Move Focus Sash to Other Options.
  • Change "Super Power" to 'Superpower'.
Moves 1
  • You've stated what Protect does, but why is that useful? A player new to doubles might not understand.
    • For example, it allows allies to safely remove a threat, punishes double targets, scouts out a foe's actions...
  • "Superpower hits..." - It also helps against Ice-types.
  • "...for hitting things..." - You mean Electric-types.
Set Details 1
  • Explain why Adamant is used over Jolly.
Team Options 1
  • Add Kartana, as it beats Rock-, Electric-, and Ice-types that threaten Braviary.
  • Celesteela and Marowak appreciate the presence of Tailwind when using faster EV spreads.
Set Details 2
  • Explain what Defiant does, and why a Jolly nature is used over Adamant.
Team Options 2
  • Again, you can include Kartana here.
  • You're missing a lot of teammates from the first set that also apply here, such as Ground-types like Garchomp.
Other Options
  • Remove Giga Impact.
  • Add Sky Drop.
  • Mention Sitrus Berry when talking about a bulkier set.
Checks and Counters
  • Use these headers instead:
**Rock-type Pokemon**: Gigalith (+Weakness Policy), Aerodactyl, and Nihilego.

**Electric-type Pokemon**: Put Tapu Koko here, and include a few other examples.

**Ice-type Pokemon**: Combine Vanilluxe and Ninetales in this header.



**Faster Pokemon**: Put Rain Offense here. Lilligant + Torkoal also does similar.

**Trick Room**: Include Porygon2 here rather than make it its own section.

A lot of the points you've made are very obvious and unhelpful statements. Make sure to elaborate and, in general, try to include as many examples as you can. Tag me when implemented and I'll give this a second look.

- If you're running Brave Bird, Flynium Z > any other item. The sheer power of Sonic Strike can OHKO almost anything that doesn't resist it, including Kartana and bulky weather setters like Pelipper and Torkoal. In particular, OHKOing Pelipper removes the other team's tailwind setter, since Pelipper will likely be running it as well if next to Golduck.
- You should mention Taunt users along Fake Out users as teammates, since the best way to screw over Tailwind is to use Trick Room. Taunt has the benefit of stopping other moves as well, such as Protect or Instruct.

Maybe slash Sky Drop with Protect in the first set? Protect should obviously be first since it's more useful and less situational. Sky Drop, on the other hand, disables an opposing threat for a teammate. Although, now that I read this again, I'm thinking an OO mention might be better.


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Echoing that Flyinium Z with Brave Bird should be the main slash because of its disgusting power. Will Q/C this when TransparentOpacity makes this and Carbonific's changes
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